Water Well Drilling


Chambers & Phillips Inc is a 4th generation water well drilling company serving Canton and the Van Zandt County area since 1957. We also serve the surrounding East Texas area, with over 5,500 wells and 170 years of combined service. Chambers & Phillips Inc is an insured and licensed well driller and pump installer. 


Chambers & Phillips Inc is a member of the Texas Ground Water Association, as well as the Texas Rural Water Association.

Chambers & Phillips Inc believes that customer service and satisfaction is our first priority. We make every effort for the property owner, regardless of the commercial or residential request. We keep it simple and get the job done. We guarantee all of our work.


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Drilling Tech

Chambers & Phillips, Inc. employs mud rotary drilling. This method uses a rotating bit which cuts a bore hole, then the cuttings are removed with drilling fluids (mud). Mud provides support for the bore hole as well as cools and lubricates the bit. After the well is drilled and the casing and screen is installed, the well is developed, then completed. 

The vast majority of water wells drilled in the Van Zandt and Henderson county areas are drilled and produced from the Wilcox formation. There are other aquifers in East Texas. The others aquifers do not have the same quality of water but can be used for some irrigation. For more information, please contact us or visit the following other websites.

U.S. Geological Survey

USGS Water Activities in Texas

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Company History


Original owners R. R. “Red” Chambers and Bill Phillips began Chambers & Phillips Inc. in the Van Zandt County community of Odom, Texas. Bill was married to Beverly, Red’s daughter. Water well drilling license are issued by the State of Texas. Red held drillers license number 714W, while Bill held

license number 623W.